XL 0001922 HO diesel sound decoder w/ 28mm speaker drop in for Life-Like proto 2000 EMD F &E, Alco PA

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HO scale diesel. 100% drop in without chassis modification

• Two types of synchronized prime mover sounds:

• 1.5 amp capacity

• 22 different types of horns and 8 types of bells

• Adjustable individual sound volumes (16 levels)

• Programmable either 2-digit or 4-digit addresses

• Back EMF load control

• Compatible with NMRA DCC standards

• Complies with Part 15 of FCC Rules

7 reviews for XL 0001922 HO diesel sound decoder w/ 28mm speaker drop in for Life-Like proto 2000 EMD F &E, Alco PA

  1. Gary (verified owner)

    Great Loud sound Easy install,Great speed control. Great Price

  2. Roger

    Purchased a pair installed in a pair of Life Like Proto 2000, NYC E8 / E9. Easy installation, great instructions, easy programming.
    The units sound terrific and were easy to program to pace as a consist.

  3. Scott Kroencke

    just installed my first one- piece of cake! Works great,buying more

  4. Joe V. (verified owner)

    Easy install. They sounds great! Installed several in Proto 2000 diesels, I was just going to install decoders with no sound in the B units for consist, but after installing one, I decided to have sound in all the B diesels as well. I’ve installed a total of 8 of these babies do far.

  5. Emory Jones (verified owner)

    I’ve bought and installed 3 XL System decoders so far. I’ve just started in DCC after many years with DC and these decoders were simple to install, work well, and are reasonably priced. I’ll buy more.

  6. Greg Garbacz (verified owner)

    Easy to install and have good sound and motor control. I had a problem with one and the seller was easy to work with. I recommend this product and am buying 6 more for my E’s,F’s & Pa’s. Highly recommended

  7. Steven Seguine (verified owner)

    Easy to install but I was disappointed in the Alco sound for a PA, it sounds like a 539T prime mover rather than a 244-16. I could not get the dual prime mover sounds until I returned it with more money for an upgrade. I installed it in a P2K E7 with a sugar cube speaker, that I mounted behind the cab. The speaker given with the upgrade would not fit inside the body. The dual EMD 567 sounds good, I like the stereo effect, and I was able to adjust the bell and horn to my liking. The upgrade should be standard.

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