XL 0001821 HO diesel sound decoder w/28mm speaker drop in for Athearn F

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HO scale diesel. 100 % drop in without chassis modification.

• 1.5 amp capacity

• 11 different types of horns and 6 types of bells

• Adjustable individual sound volumes (4 levels)

• Programmable either 2-digit or 4-digit addresses

• Back EMF load control

• Compatible with NMRA DCC standards

• Complies with Part 15 of FCC Rules

3 reviews for XL 0001821 HO diesel sound decoder w/28mm speaker drop in for Athearn F

  1. Emory Jones (verified owner)

    A good enough decoder given the price but in my experience it has not been a “drop in” installation. The speaker is too tall and the baffle had to be cut and so far I have not been able to get the body shell to snap down over the tabs because there is not enough room for the decoder which rests on the top of the frame, and not inside it and it definitely will not fit the tabs on the motor mount.. Also, I have not been able to get the lights to work – not on the headlight contacts or the auxiliary light contacts either. No combination of soldering to the contacts will work. So, while I’ve not had a problem with other XL Systems decoders, this one has been a disappointment.

  2. Raymond Lindley

    I found that the output for the lights is about 3-4 volt Which will work for leds. The only way for lights to work is pushing the”0” button. It turns on both headlight and auxiliary lights. The function “3” key does not control auxiliary lighting for some reason. When headlight is on the auxiliary lighting is on how ever it flashes like a mars light.I don’t see any other way to reprogram the auxiliary lighting. I wanted to add a backup light. But appears to put of the realm with This decoder.

  3. Bill Trusheim (verified owner)

    I just installed one of these “drop in: decoders in an old Athearn “Genesis” F unit. The final result was good with a few caveats. The mount for the old PCB has to be trimmed away, and even after doing this, the tabs on the shell still do not engage properly and one has to be careful when handling the engine. My problem with the headlights was that when I first tried to pick up the engine after replacing the shell, everything fell apart and both headlights were broken – fortunately nothing else was damaged when the chassis fell out of the shell. I will have to replace the headlight bulbs and then I can comment on the light functions. With all of that said, I like the overall result from this decoder. The price is more than reasonable and the sounds are more than acceptable. I plan to purchase two more decoders for my A-B-A lash-up.

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