HO DCC decoder XL0001651

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It comes with Jst 9 connector with 9 wires. If you need it also comes with 8 pin plug please add $2.00 ungrade item.
2 headlights and 2 accessory function outputs
17 accessory light effects: ditch lights, mars light, gyra light, strobe light, prime strobe
Back EMF load control
Compatible with NMRA DCC standards
Complies with Part 15 of FCC Rules

1 review for HO DCC decoder XL0001651

  1. Emory Jones (verified owner)

    Bought this to use in my Proto 2000 SW1200 which has such limited space I couldn’t add sound. This speaker is a bargain, every bit as good as the more expensive non-sound I had put in another P2K SW I had. Both lights work well and were easy to install. Would like to have sound but just not enough room. Great price for a really good decoder.

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